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    "We saved the crystal coconuts!" -The last words of the last cutscene.

    'The Crystal Bross' is a 2069 video game made by LJN  based on the hit TV series Donkey Kong Country.

    It stars the 4 main characters,Aarnet,Felipamethyst,Koopatroopapearl,and BL46Steven,who all get trapped in a super secret dungeon made by God.

    The game was met with the most negative reception from critics in video game history,with it scoring a 0% by IGN for "not having the same gamplay as their favorite game," and a 0.01% by the Westboro Baptist Church because of the director of the game "being a gay fag." This game was so poorly recieved that video games stopped being produced after the release of this game.

    There is no plot.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    The gameplay is almost exactly the …

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