• BobbyIsAwesome

    Full name: Spencer Learnest Futuromeo Sawftwear

    Age: 24

    Nickname(s): Spencent

    Appearence: Spencer has purple hair and beige skin. He wears an orange shirt, a purple jacket, a pair of white gloves and a pair of green shoes.

    Likes: Music, singing, making songs, McDonald's and bacon and pepperoni sandwiches.

    Dislikes: Junk.

    Friends and Relatives: Koopatroopaman, Felipebross, Dutchey, Lloviant, etc.

    Enemies: Redtroopaman, Evilbross, Redsy, Llovinite, Spencinite, etc.

    Family: Perry (father), Sophie (mother), Joseph (brother), Eileen (sister), Christina (wife), Kenneth (nephew), Spencer Jr. (son).

    Voiced by: MS Mike or Seth Green

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