Vector Naluigi Yay
Gender: Male
Creation: Ndavid1234
First Appearance: The Koopatroopaman Movie (first and cameo appearance)
Naluigi's Kart Race (first TKTMS episode and speaking role)
Last Appearance: Ongoing
Age: TBA
Episode count: 1 (so far)
Friends and Relatives: Koopa Loopa, BL468, Koopatroopaman
Enemies: Redtroopaman
King Boo
every other Mario enemy
Family: Luigi (1st brother)

Bluigi (2nd brother)

Orangeegee (3rd brother)

Pinkeegee (4th brother)

Mario (5th brother)

Rainbow the Yoshi (pet)

Voiced by: Charles Martinet

Nalugi is a supporting character who appeared late in The Koopatroopaman Show during Season 6. He first appears in Naluigi's Kart Race.


Naluigi is Luigi's long-lost brother. But unlike Luigi, he isn't much of a coward. He has lots of friends (mostly from Scratch), who like him a lot so he's a very social person.

He likes to drive his kart in the episode; Naluigi's Kart Race. He also has more than one kart as seen in a scene also in Naluigi's Kart Race.

Also seen in Naluigi's Kart Race, he can be serious sometimes like when he challenges Koopatroopaman to a Mario Kart-styled race.


He looks a lot like Luigi except he has a shirt and hat which is a darker colored green and has light-green overalls and has a N in a green circle on his hat.

Naluigi's Karts

This is a list of all Naluigi's Karts seen in a scene of Naluigi's Kart Race.

  • Naluigi Speedster (the kart he uses) (looks like the Standard Kart 7 but is a bit different)
  • Standard Kart 8
  • Pipe Frame
  • Streamliner


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