"Lorry" is an episode of The New Koopatroopaman Show.


The episode starts off with Lorry, a normal Robloxian. Lorry, for this one episode, is shown as a pale Robloxian with a black ROBLOX scarf, a white cap, a pale blue Bloxxer shirt and pale blue pants. He appears quite blocky, and he doesn't have any sleeves. Lorry is just walking down the strees, looking at some old newspapers. One of them was quite outdated, about Lloviant leaving KoopaVille, another was him returning. The third newspaper was the announcement for the Creepersin Olympics. After an entire scene of Lorry strolling, the story cuts to Lloviant, who investigates a portal. The portal then closes, leaving Lloviant in a parallel universe.

A parallel version of Koopatroopaman is causing havoc around the streets. A parallel Thread approaches Lloviant, while phoning the police. Thread starts saying things about finding a wanted person, that being the parallel Lloviant. Thread puts down the phone, and notices there are TWO Lloviants. One that is directing a plane to crash into a local store, another that is just standing there, confused. Thread approaches the confused one (the one that entered the portal) and explains there is an option to go back to the good universe, but it had to be quite risky.

Thread directs the good Lloviant into a machine, with an elevator-like object. Lloviant walks inside, and then the process starts. However, the process fails, the good Lloviant's body is still in the bad universe, while his soul is in the good universe. The good Lloviant's soul possesses Lorry, making Lorry run towards a time machine.

Inside the time machine, Lorry pulls some switches and buttons, making the machine take off into space. Lorry then goes downstairs, and hears a strange noise.

When he finally gets up from whatever happened, the machine is crash-landing. Just before the machine lands, Lorry gets a parachute and jumps out from the machine, and safely falls all the way down to KoopaVille. He finds a mirror and looks at himself. His cap and scarf are gone, he isn't pale anymore and he has blonde hair. Then the episode ends.