Garrett the PixelSpyder (2017-2021)
Gender: Male
Creation: Globert1998/Pixelspyder1998
First Appearance: Hi Garrett! (TNKTMS)
Age: 19
Episode count: 26
Friends and Relatives: Bluhead, Dark Razor, Squazo, Aarex, T+ and more
Enemies: Phan'go


Dark Razor (formerly)

Family: T+ (lover)

Unnamed parents (deceased)

Voiced by: Globert1998/Pixelspyder1998's voice
What the heck is that?!

Garrett Greyhead Rivius (or better known as Garrett) is a pixelspyder and the former villain of The New Koopatroopaman Show,

He was considered to be the deuteragonist of the episode, Hi Garrett!


  • He is one of the first remaining pixelspyders
  • His gender is male
  • He first appears in Hi Garrett!
  • His former name is "GreyHead"
  • He is also the leader of Pixelspyders.