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BS0 Studios
Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.27.07
The current logo since 2015
Type Subsidiary of KoopaWorks
Industry Traditional animation
CGI animation
Motion pictures
Founded 2015
Founder(s) Nadjib M.
Samuel Kosch
Chance S.
Key people Nadjib M.
Samuel Kosch
Chance S.
Charlie Kosch
Robert Slave
John Fang
Felipe S.
Aarex T.
Products Film
Parent KoopaWorks
Divisions Pathé BS0 Pictures

BS0 Studios (or just simply BS0) is an American animation studio that produces animated feature films, television series, and short films. It was founded in 2015 by Nadjib M., Samuel Kosch, and Chance S. and is owned by KoopaWorks. The company is currently working on a feature film, "Teslo and Gobba", which is set for release in 02015-11-26November 26, 2015. The company and logo was found after the video[1] which was made with 3D Studio Max.




Feature films

Released films

Title Release date co-production with
Teslo and Gobba (Teslo and Gobba: Crazy Adventures (Teslo agus Gobba: Crazy Eachtraí) in Ireland) 02015-11-26November 26, 2015 Warner Bros. Pictures (US, UK, Canada)
TriStar Pictures (International)

Upcoming films

Title Release date co-production with
Object Age 02016-03-21March 21, 2016 Columbia Pictures (US, UK, Germany)
Pathé (International)
Alliance Films (Canada)
KoopaSammyFelipeWorks Films
Pathé BS0 Pictures
Domino's (sponsorship)
Huge Object 02016-09-08September 8, 2016

TriStar Pictures
The Weinstein Company

Who Framed Cheesy? 02017-06-10June 10, 2017 Fox Searchlight Pictures
3M/Universal Animation
Amblin Entertainment
Wow Wow Wubbzy 02018-05-07May 7, 2018 Paramount Pictures
Nickelodeon Movies
Steamboat Leafy 02018-10-08October 8, 2018 Touchstone Pictures
Ralph Fiore Pictures
The Rubies in the Box 02019-04-05April 5, 2019 Walt Disney Pictures
The Weinstein Company
Warner Bros. Pictures
Knife the Ogre 02019-10-25October 25, 2019 Universal Pictures
Object Run 02020-12-13December 13, 2020 StudioCanal
Lionsgate (United States)
DreamWorks Classics
Nickelmind 02021-12-16December 16, 2021 Walt Disney Pictures (US, UK, AUS and Germany)
Film4 (Canada)
Ralph Fiore Pictures
Target (sponsorship)
Rocky: The Movie 02022-07-27July 27, 2022

Walt Disney Pictures
SKG Studios
Village Roadshow Pictures
Entertainment One (UK, Australia and Canada distribution)
Apple (sponsorship)

Object Movie 02023-01-28January 28, 2023 Touchstone Pictures
Fox Star Studios
Focus Features
3MTV Movies
Walmart (sponsorship)
Bandana Dee 2024 20th Century Fox
Vanguard Animation
HAL Laboratory
Tenor Animation Group

Films in production




  1. [1]
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